Water Proof with glass front window.

Only one LED lights at a time to save battery power.


Battery Condition Indicator and Hour Meter- Boat, Forklift, Golf Cart or other 12, 36 or 48 volt DC battery powered equipment.

For use on any equipment where the battery status is important and you want to monitor hours of operation. A relay output is also provided to power auxiliary equipment (max power output 90 watts). This relay will open and shut off the auxiliary equipment when the battery power is down to about 30% of full charge.

The hour meter can be operated independently of the battery status indicator by connecting terminal 4 (may be marked C) to plus volts.

Some mechanical aptitude is needed to make the installation. If you are not capable of finding an appropriate voltage supply, you may need to seek the help of a professional for installation.

The only available instructions are provided below.

Battery Status

    • The battery meter has 10 LEDS that will light to show the battery condition. When fully charged, only the 10th LED will light shown a green LED.
    • As the battery discharges, successively lower LEDs will light; the 9th, 8th, 7th and so on lighting only 1 LED.
    • At approximately 30% battery life, the #3 LED will light and the color is Yellow as a caution indicator. Relay will open shutting off power to auxiliary equipment if this function is used.
    • At approximately 20% battery life remaining, the #2 LED will light as a Flashing Yellow.
    • When the battery discharges to approximately ~10% remaining life, the #1 LED will start FLASHING RED with the #2 LED FLASHING Yellow alternately.

It is recommended to have the battery or batteries recharged when the #3 LED lights Yellow as a safety margin to prevent dead batteries.

CAUTION: CAUTION: This is not a full proof device and no warranty is made that your battery/batteries is/are in good condition.  

Hour Meter

  • Reads up to 99999.9 hours 
  • Can be operated independently by taking terminal 4 (may be marked C) to plus volts through a switch or hard wired.
  • Not resettable


10 LEDs, #10 being fully charged and #1 being fully discharged

Voltage Indicator Range for Golf Carts, Fork Lift Trucks and other battery powered equipment.

2.04 volts Full; 1.74 volts Empty per cell


3 Ounces

Voltage Supply

Meter must match equipment voltage supply

Temperature Range

-40 to 185 Fahrenheit; -40C to 85C

Power Consumption

1.08 Watts


  • OD   2.25"
  • Depth Behind front meter flange to end of mounting screws  - 1 7/8 inches
  • Hole size - 2 1/16 "

Installation Connections

Pin 1 is for Positive Volts DC

Pin 2 is for Ground

  • To reset the meter to full, it must be exposed to charging voltage (from your charger) for 6 minutes. If not, then the meter will continue to show the last recorded voltage regardless of the actual battery reading.

Pin 3 (R) is to make use of the relay function. Connect pin 3 to equipment that you wish to operate limited to 3 amps max or 90 watts. 


When the meter senses full voltage, it activates the relay allowing current to flow to operate accessories. When the battery becomes discharged, the relay will open and shut off the power supply to an accessory that is wired to this terminal to conserve battery life.


Pin 4 (C) must be taken to positive volts to operate the hour meter. This can be hardwired to operate full time or operated through a switch.


See Specification and Dimension photos for more detail.